WR-Koran Williams named 2021 GDFL All-Pro

by Erie Express Media

Congratulations to WR-Koran Williams (West Virginia University) on being named GDFL All-Pro for the 2021 season. This past season Koran recorded 952 yards of total offense. 13 returns for 300 yards,1 carry for 35yds rushing, 38 receptions for 617 receiving yards, 8 TDs and a 2pt conversion. Koran led the GDFL in receiving yards and TD's during the regular season and finished 1st in receiving yards and yards per game during the playoffs.

"This was a breakout season for Koran but certainly not one that surprised us. He is a playmaker and proved that beyond any doubt this season. He is a player that must be accounted for and anytime he would draw double coverage it only opened things up for our other players. So even when the ball was not in his hands he had an impact. Any time we needed a big play he found a way to get it done. Koran had a major impact on our championship season and without his efforts we could not call ourselves National Champions"-Director of Operations Paul Pennington.

Koran was sponsored by The Learning Ladder Early Child Care Center. We are so thankful for the support of this championship sponsor.

Again, Congratulations Koran! WELL deserved!