Seeking Community Outreach & Game Day Planning Committee Members for 2021

by Erie Express Media

Community Outreach & Game Day Planning Committee

This is an opportunity for every day Erie sports fans to have input on a local sports team like never before. 

Your Erie Express Football team is looking for local football fans interested in serving on the 2021 Community Outreach and Game Day Planning committee.   

Committee Roles and Responsibilities:

* Review all previous year activities and make recommendations for improvements

* Review short and long term committee goals 

* Develop an annual calendar for the committee’s activities, including critical dates, milestones and required committee actions 

* Engage in advocacy and networking 

* Work to develop a Community Outreach “Tool Kit” 

* Participate in annual special events and other educational or awareness activities 

* To serve on or provide oversight to specific activity task forces. 

* Track and report progress toward goals to the Board Committee.       

Members Expectations: 

* Attend and participate in regular Committee meetings 

* Review materials and provide input for improvement. 

* Participate in the development and implementation of the committee goals. Time Commitment:

* 4-8 hours per month (includes meeting and outreach events) 

* Attend Monthly or Bi-monthly Committee meetings.

While these positions are non paid volunteer only positions, there will be opportunity's for you to earn an income this season. In addition, we expect to add part time staff within the year to come with current volunteers having first chance at open positions.

For those joining in 2021 Immediate Benefits Include:

* Game Day Access pass permitting you full access to the team facilities and down on the field for game days.

* Free General admission season tickets for your immediately family.

* 25% Off all Team Merchandise 

Interested Erie residents should fill out the form below and an Express representative will contact you. 

We look forward to speaking with you!