OL-Daniel Mattner named 2021 GDFL All-Pro

by Erie Express Media

Congratulations to OL-Daniel Mattner (McKendree University) on being named GDFL All-Pro for the 2021 season. Daniel played a major role in our reaching the Conference Finals for the fourth season in a row and ultimately the National Championship!

We had the #1 ranked offense in the country this season and it was in large part due to the protection and leadership provided from Daniel.

"Dan came in and proved on day one that he would be an impact player for us. We knew who he was and what he was capable of prior to signing him. He most certainly lived up to his reputation. He is as hard nosed and gritty as they come and is there to work from start to finish. During the game he is a grizzly bear, afterwards a teddy bear. Super nice guy, fun to be around and truly takes his job serious. 

Dan was injured early in the championship game and was doing an amazing job up until his injury. He went to the hospital but was able to make it back to the stadium before the end of the game to share in the moment with his teammates. We are very thankful for his efforts and proud of him for earning this award"-Director of Operations Paul Pennington.

 Again, congratulations Daniel. WELL deserved!