Okay folks…. We have to apologize

by Erie Express Media

Okay folks…. We have to apologize. After much investigation and consulting, we’ve come to the determination that we regretfully must disqualify our recent $10,000 winner. After being asked if there was any relation to the team prior to the contests beginning, it was later determined THERE IS immediate relation to the originally named winning contestant and a member of our team. Our originally named winner apologizes for the confusion and misunderstanding of our rules. 
We are saddened to have to make this decision but the rules and our integrity of our word must remain at the very top of our standards. 
For this Fridays game, we will be holding (2) separate contests to determine (2) separate $10,000 winners.
We will invite back the original eligible contestants from last weeks game and give them the opportunity they deserve.
Additionally, we will also be conducting the original contest scheduled for this week for another $10,000 winner! 
Get in on the second one by attending the game! 
Tickets are free! 
Get them at ErieFootball.com 
We thank everyone for their understanding in this matter, especially thank those who braved the storms to watch the game and look forward to this Fridays competition to see which two local residents will walk away blessed up!