Need Money?

by Erie Express Medida

Earn a side Income with your Erie Express football team!

Our Need

We're looking for local businesses within the Erie County area interested in sponsoring the Erie Express for the 2021 season!

Your Benefit

In order to maximize our reach to our local business owners while looking for ways to improve daily life for our community members, we've decided to create a program in which You can be a part of and start earning a side income while helping promote the Erie Express name and fellow local businesses.  

How It Works

We provide you with digital marketing material explaining the benefits local business stand to gain by advertising with the Erie Express this 2021 season. You'll reach out to local business owners via online or in person and after answering any questions, secure their sponsorship agreement. Sponsors pay also secure sponsorship via our website using your specific promo code.

How much you can make

Sponsorships will cost a total of $250 for each business. For each business you secure as a 2021 sponsor, you will receive $25 dollars for your first 4 sponsors. If you reach 4 sponsors, the next 4 sponsors deals will pay out $50 each. Once you've reached 8 total sponsors, every sponsor you secure after that pays out $100 to you with no limit on how many sponsors you can sign up! UNLIMITED!

Sponsor 1 = $25.00

Sponsor 2 = $25.00

Sponsor 3 = $25.00

Sponsor 4 = $25.00

Sponsor 5 = $50.00

Sponsor 6 = $50.00

Sponsor 7 = $50.00

Sponsor 8 = $50.00

Sponsors 9 - Unlimited = $100.00 each

*Payouts happen as soon as sponsors payments are processed

Interested in Earning? 

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