D'Angelo James named 2021 GDFL All-Pro

by Erie Express Media

Congratulations to ATH-D'Angelo James (Tiffin University) on being named GDFL All-Pro for the 2021 season. James came in heavily touted as "THAT GUY" and quickly proved that his reputation was in fact accurate. We lined him up at multiple positions and he produced at a very high level regardless of where he played.

For the season James recorded 36 tackles, 14 tackles for loss (-80 yards), 9 sacks, 1 fumble caused and an interception.
"D'Angelo did an amazing job for us this year. We are not a team where any one player will get all the reps, we just don't do that here. We rotate our defense the way we do for a reason. James bought into the system and produced at a very high level no matter where we put him. He never complained he just produced. There isn't much more you can ask from a player. 

He has a great team first attitude, is a pleasure to be around and always kept an upbeat champions attitude from start to finish. He had a major role in our team success this season and we are happy to see him with the title of "All-Pro". He certainly earned it"-Director of Operations Paul Pennington.

Again, congratulations D'Angelo, WELL deserved!