BREAKING NEWS: Erie Express Joins New League for the 2024 Season

by Dane Staaf


After spending the past six years in the GDFL (5 on field 1 missed due to covid) the Erie Express have elected not to return in 2024. The Express have had an amazing run in the GDFL including 4 Division Titles, 3 conference finals appearances, a Region championship and of course the 2021 GDFL National Championship. We wish to thank Charles Thompson GDFL CEO, the administrative staff as well as the league teams, players and coaches for their commitment to professionalism and support. This was not an easy decision but in our current economy it is the only viable option for us at this time.

Moving forward the Express will rejoin several former GDFL teams in the TPFL (Tri Point Football League). The TPFL is going into their third season and the champion the past two seasons has received an invite to play in one of the national championship bowl games in Florida. Last years champion, the Ohio Gladiators, brought home the title last week. 

We have played 3 TPFL games over the past 2 seasons with a record of 1-1-1 in those contests. The competition will be good, the travel will be good and it will be nice to see some of our former rivals once again.

We appreciate the acceptance from the TPFL board and owners and look forward to an amazing 2024 season.

We will be scheduling our combine in February and any players interested in getting on board the PAINTRAIN for the 2024 season are encouraged to fill out a player application and one of our coaches will be in touch with you.


New league... same goal! CHAMPIONS! GO EXPRESS!